2009. Installation. Galerie Quartair. Exposition collective CALLING HOME. La Haye

L'installation à été conçue pendant la semaine qui a précédé le vernissage en collectant quotidiennement un objet dans la rue pour en faire une sculpture associée à un dessin. Comment donner forme à sa maison intérieure ?

Cette maison imaginaire, construite avec les pavés des rues en travaux, est à l'image de la ville de La Haye, inquiétée par la mer qui avance chaque année un peu plus sur ses terres.

I conceived the installation during the week before the opening by trying to imagine what
could be my 'inner home'. Each day, I collected an object in the streets to turn it into a sculpture, that I associated each time to a drawing that was inspired by the scupture itself. The drawing and the sculpture combined together in a way similar to ideograms, to which I gave a title, as if I had to translate them into a foreign language (the mill, head upside-down, unbuild to rebuild, the boat-house, the ghost of childhood, the door, leaking-house).
The house I intended to build has the uterine warmth of a cocoon or a nest, but I took care to stop before it was fully achieved. I ended up the seventh day with a... leaking house.
The water that pours out of the window inverts the usual meaning conveyed by the idea of a home: instead of flowing inside that leaky house, it spills outside. This imaginary home, built out of the pavement of the streets under renovation, is like the city of La Haye, concerned by the encroachment of the sea, each year a bit further on the land.