2003. Installation audiovisuelle. 20' en boucle. Exposition collective “Scratching”. Galerie TENT. Rotterdam. Pays-bas


Projection en double écran des deux rives de la même péniche partant de Strasbourg pour rejoindre le port de Rotterdam. Le Rhin qui se déverse dans la mer du Nord continue à l'ère de la communication virtuelle à être l'autoroute de milliers de marchandises déplacées.

Slow Motion
2003. Audiovisual installation. 20' loop. Collective exhibition “Scratching”. Galerie TENT. Rotterdam. Pays-bas


The Rhine allows an incessant flux of merchandise (more than 300 million tonnes per year). Having been invited to Rotterdam, Lou Galopa decided to go there by freight barge. It takes 40 hours to cover the 700 kilometres between Strasbourg and Rotterdam. In re-transcribing her feelings during the voyage concerning the loss of the notion of time, the identical landscapes passed through, the impression of advancing and remaining immobile at the same time. The editing was conceived as a visual dialogue.